Retreat Overview

Our family retreats are inspired by the Catholic spirituality of the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King which is administered by the nonprofit organization, Direction for Our Times.

This Apostolate is a heavenly gift needed so urgently today to bring souls and their families back to Christ.  It is easy to see that we are living in a time when the sanctity of marriage and family and the dignity of life itself are being seriously threatened by the distortion of truth by the enemy in the name of choice, tolerance, and entitlement.

How can parents protect their families and keep them on the path to holiness?  The heavenly messages given to Anne, a lay apostle, are helping to bring forth forgiveness, healing, and a personal relationship with Jesus, ultimately renewing our faith and devotion to the Sacraments, Holy Scripture, and the faith and moral teachings of His Holy Catholic Church.

"Prayer will bring unity to a family in a swift manner... Let's agree today that each family will respond to this message by praying together..."

(Volume Two - Conversations with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus pg.11-13)